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Amolen Marble White PLA – a Review

Beautiful filament that is a little tricky to print

By Robbert on 17-07-2020

I really like the look of this marble filament. It actually looks more like granite than marble, but still looks great and hides layer lines very well. Doesn't adhere easily and the small black bits can cause clogs.

Amolen Marble White PLA

In short

  • Marble-like look
  • Beautiful finish ✨
  • Slightly transparent
  • Some problems with adhering
  • Black bits can cause clogs
  • Made in China 🇨🇳



Based on using an entire spool


The spool came in a sturdy cardboard box, and the spool itself was vacuum sealed in a plastic and foil bag, with some desiccant in the middle.

On both sides of the transparent, plastic spool is a label with details on the recommended print settings (speed, temperature), which is a nice touch.

Amolen Marble White PLA  Spool on Spool Holder

Amolen Marble White PLA Spool Label

This filament was a bit of an impulse-buy, but I ended up using it a lot, simply because it looks great and quite different from most other PLA filaments. Scroll down to see some more detailed print images.

Printing with this filament generally went well, although it did not adhere as well as most other PLAs. For most objects this was not a problem at all, and in fact actually made it a lot easier to remove the print from the bed.

However, on one particularly tricky print (an Oof Stone) with a small base area the print failed due to poor adhesion. My Artillery Genius has a glass bad that adheres very well (almost too well), so on other printers with less solid beds you might run into this issue a lot more. Something to take into account!


Not too brittle, but not as flexible as some other PLAs I've used. Doesn't break so easily to cause any issues.


Consistency was good, and there was no major variation between the different prints.

Amolen Marble White PLA Filament Close Up

To achieve the marble effect, there are small black pieces that are mixed in with the white/gray filament. The downside is that these black bits can clog your printer. This only happened once for me, but more people have reported this issue. All I had to do was just push through the extruder with a needle from above, and the problem was solved.

It's not a major issue, but it is something to take into account if you're already having blockage issues with your printer.


Amolen Marble White PLA Moai Statue 3D Print

Amolen's Marble PLA simply looks stunning. For solid objects it gives a real stone-like look, which looks great, although it actually more closely resembles granite than real marble.

Somehow the black and white pattern is exceptional at hiding layer lines, which you can only see when you look closely (and that's without any sanding).

In contrast to real marble, this PLA is actually semi-transparent. When you use it for thin objects (e.g. vases) you get quite a different look due to the light passing through. I still really like this look, but it does look less like marble.

Value for Money

At close to $30 per kilo, Amolen's marble white PLA is not cheap. But as far as special PLAs go, it is also not that expensive. You can expect to pay the same price for similar 'special' filaments, like bronze or silky ones.

There are a few cheaper marble-like filaments on the market, but they are also rated quite poorly. This makes Amolen's marble PLA good value for money, and I'll definitely be using it again.


Amolen Marble White PLA Moai Statue 3D Print

Amolen Marble White PLA Moai Statue and Oof Stone 3D Print

Amolen Marble White PLA Printer Bed

Where to buy

I bought my spool from Amazon Germany, which was delivered pretty quickly with DHL to the Netherlands. You can also find it on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

Note: If you buy your filament through any of the links above, I may earn a small commission. This is at no cost to you and helps me bring out more content!