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Geeetech Red PLA – a Review

Reliable and Good Looking PLA

By Robbert on 07-08-2020

If you're looking for a reliable, consistent basic Red PLA, then this is the one to get. Easy to print, consistent, and a nice color.

Geeetech Red PLA

In short

  • Basic Red PLA
  • Made in the China 🇨🇳
  • Slightly pale color, not fully bright red
  • Prints very easy and consistently
  • Affordable



Based on using an entire spool


I bought this red PLA from Geeetech as my general purpose filament — basically the filament I use whenever the color or material of the print does not matter.

After using Black and Grey for this purpose for a while, I thought I'd mix it up and pick a bright color for a change. This Geeetech PLA had favorable reviews and was quite cheap.

I can say it pleasantly surprised me. Geeetech's PLAs are priced on the lower end, especially with the regular sales they seem to have on Amazon.

This lower price reduced my expectations, but I haven't really found any significant differences with more expensive filaments like those from Real or FormFutura.

The packaging and spool are not the best, but in terms of performance the Geeetech Red PLA delivers great bang for your buck.

Geeetech Red PLA Filament Label Instructions

A few minor downsides are that the spool is not transparent and fully enclosed plastic, which makes it difficult to see how much filament is left on the spool.

One mildly annoying thing was that there is only one location on the entire spool to secure your filament. This means that if your filament isn't long enough to reach that hole, you have to unwind it almost a full revolution, and secure it there. This makes it more prone to tangles.

The label does not have any recommendations for print settings on it, but given how easily it printed on different settings, this is not really a problem.


The filament is quite bendy, and not brittle at all. I did not even once have it snap (even when I handled it quite roughly).

Geeetech Red PLA Filament Strands Close Up


The consistency was great and I did not measure any significant variations in thickness.

I've also not had any issues while printing at all, even when I used some tweaked slicer settings that caused other (more difficult) filaments to clog or have poor adhesion. All in all it was very reliable and consistent in how the prints came out.


You might think that red is red, but ask any painter and you'll quickly learn that there are a million shades of red.

This Red PLA from Geeetech is marketed as just 'Red', not a special type of red. It is, however, not a standard bright red as you might expect.

It has a slightly off color, somewhat paler than brighter reds. It will depend on your personal taste whether you like it or not, but I found it quite good looking.

Very bright reds are usually a bit too much for most types of prints. This red is sufficiently colorful, but still subtle.

Take a look at the prints below to see if the color fits your taste. I've tried to take pictures from multiple angles to get a better sense of the color.

Value for Money

Geeetech's PLAs are usually priced between 20 and 25 euros, making it quite affordable, especially if you can get it at a slight discount.

I've noticed that Amazon regularly offers a temporary discount where if you buy it within half an hour, you get something like 10% off.

Given the excellent performance and the very reasonable price, I think this Red PLA is great value for money and can strongly recommend it.


These are some test prints I made using Geeetech's Red PLA.

This is a cable holder for my Macbook, which didn't really work out, because my USB cables were shaped differently. Still a nice idea and looked quite reasonable. I did print with an 0.6mm nozzle, so they're a bit rough.

Geeetech Red PLA Cable Management Test Print

Geeetech Red PLA Test Print Close Up

Where to buy

Geeetech is made in China and can be bough nearly anywhere on the world, for example on Amazon.com:

Note: If you buy your filament through any of the links above, I may earn a small commission. This is at no cost to you and helps me bring out more content!