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Real Matte White PLA – a Review

Interesting matte finish, but brittle filament

By Robbert on 10-07-2020

Quite a brittle filament, but otherwise of good quality. The color either looks great (vases, architectural props), or poor (toothpaste-white), so it is definitely not a universal filament.

Real Matte White PLA

In short

  • Premium PLA
  • Made in the Netherlands 🇳🇱
  • Matte White Finish
  • More brittle than Real's shiny filaments
  • Great for vases or architectural props



Based on using an entire spool


After my first Real filament spool (shiny black), I thought I'd try something different with this Matte White PLA. It costs exactly the same as their 'normal' shiny PLAs, but it is actually slightly different.

Real Filament provides recommended nozzle and bed temperatures on their spool. For the Matte White they advise to print at a higher temperature than the shiny PLAs, namely 210C nozzle temperature and a 50C bed. Most likely they've added some extra ingredients to achieve the matte look, which affects the material properties of the filament.

The first thing that I noticed when I opened the package was that the filament was much more brittle than the black one I had previously. It snapped when I removed the filament from the holes in the spool. This actually happened to me multiple times later on as well.

Real Matte White PLA Spool


Real Filament's Matte White PLA is quite brittle, much more so than their non-matte PLAs. It's hard to tell whether this was just a one-off, but because it also has different recommended temperatures, I think the chemical makeup and material properties of the matte PLA are simply different, making it more brittle.

Real Matte White PLA Strands


Consistency was good, and I didn't measure any significant variations. I also did not see any big changes while printing, as all prints delivered similar results.

Real Matte White PLA Strand


While most filaments either just look good or don't, this Matte White PLA is different. I found that in some cases it looked extremely good, while in others it reminded me overly whitened teeth and toothpaste commercials.

I printed some vases with it and they looked really cool, especially because they were quite thin and let through some light to create a nice effect. I've also seen some architectural props printed with it and they looked cool too.

Real Matte White PLA 3D printed Vase

On the other hand, some more rigid prints didn't look so great. They were too white, basically toothpaste-white. See the images below and judge for yourself.

Personally I would highly recommend this filament for thin structures, where some light can still pass through the material (e.g. vases), but not for solid structures.

Value for Money

Real filament is a bit expensive, but the quality is solid. At about €30 per kg, it sits in the mid-level, Premium price range for PLA filaments.

Matte white is a special color, and not so commonly available among cheap filaments. This makes it relatively cheap for this specific color.

I would definitely recommend using this filament for thin structures, but less so for solid prints.


These were all printed on the Artillery Genius, with different slicer settings, but all using a 0.4mm nozzle.

Real Matte White PLA Cube

Real Matte White PLA Cube Other Side

Real Matte White PLA Print

Real Matte White PLA Print

Real Matte White PLA Vase Close Up

Where to buy

Real Matte White PLA is made in the Netherlands, and easily available in the EU, either through 123-3d.nl, or any of these places:

It doesn't look like Real filament is currently available in the US.

Note: If you buy your filament through any of the links above, I may earn a small commission. This is at no cost to you and helps me bring out more content!