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Large Build-area 3D Printers Overview

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Here you'll find key information about large build volume 3D printers to help you find out which ones are worth your money.

Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer
3D PrinterUser RatingTest ScorePriceLast UpdatedPopularity
Average from 1170 Amazon, AliExpress, and Banggood usersScore on the Kickstarter Autodesk Test (details) out of 30 (higher is better)Current lowest price and price history (past 3 months)When did this printer last receive a hardware updateBased on the number of user reviews
Artillery Sidewinder X14.7
3 months
517 days ago

User ratings

To determine the average user rating, we looked at all reviews left on the most popular websites that sell 3D Printers. Namely:

For Prusa printers, we took the user reviews left on their own site.

Something to take into account is that Chinese webshops tend to encourage people to leave positive ratings, so their review scores tend to be overly positive. But because we compare them relative to one another, the user ratings can still be helpful. It shows very clearly when one printer is liked more by actual users than another.

If a printer has (relatively) many one-star ratings, we display a warning. This happens even if the overall rating is still positive. In most cases, this means that quality control for this printer is poor. Even though the printer itself is pretty good, there are a significant number of users getting poor or defective versions.

Test Score

These scores are the objective results of the Autodesk Kickstarter Test.

You can click on the score itself to see the detailed results on the site of the person or organization who tested the printer.

The highest possible score is 30. Some versions of the test score up to 45, but we converted them to a scale of 30 as well.

Price History

3D printer Price History

This shows the current lowest price of all the major websites we monitor, including Banggood, Amazon, AliExpress, and Gearbest.

Prices are shown in dollars and do not include shipping costs. These prices are subject to change and for accurate pricing you should check the websites themselves.

The graphs show the price trend for each printer over the last 3 months.

Prices are monitored weekly, and are based on the lowest price found on one of the major websites we just listed.

Last Updated

This metric simply shows how long ago the printer was last updated with new hardware.

It does not include new firmware updates, or other software tweaks.

Models with new names (for example the Ender 3 Pro and Ender 3 V2) are listed separately, and do not count as a hardware update of the original model (in this case the Ender 3).


The popularity metric is calculated based on the number of reviews found on Amazon.com, Aliexpress, and Banggood.

It is not an ideal way of measuring popularity, but it can give a good indication of how much one printer has been sold relative to another. Generally, the more popular a printer, the bigger the community, and the easier it is to find solutions to your problems, as well as custom mods and upgrades.

Prusa printers are only sold through their own website, so it is impossible to measure their popularity with this method. We're looking to improve our metrics, but in this case most people already know how popular Prusa printers are anyway.