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Artillery Genius – a detailed overview

Quiet, polished, and affordable smaller brother of the popular Sidewinder X1

By Robbert on 21 June 2020

Artillery Genius


  • Quiet stepper motors
  • Direct Drive
  • Volcano-style hotend
  • Glass bed
  • Integrated pins to support BLTouch
  • TFT Touch Screen

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Last updated

The Artillery Genius last received a hardware update in March 2020

About the Artillery Genius

Following the success of the Sidewinder X1, Artillery released the smaller Genius. It uses the same frame, extruder, and touch screen as the Sidewinder, but with a smaller build volume (220 x 220 x 250).

Because it is newer, it also has a few features and improvements not found on the Sidewinder, like integrated pins for connecting a BLTouch (for auto levelling) and better ribbon cables.


The Artillery Genius has had generally favorable reviews. It is often praised for its quietness, neat cable management, and inclusion of several features that are not found on other entry-level printers, like the filament runout sensor and direct drive extruder.

With its introductory price of around 350 USD, the price-performance ratio was considered quite good. However, with the current lower price of about $299 in most stores, it is deemed very good value for money. If you buy a cheaper printer, like the Ender 3 and want to do all the upgrades already included in the Genius, you'll probably spend more than that.

Written Reviews

I've just published my own review of the Artillery Genius, which you can read here.

Video Reviews


The Genius is relatively easy to assemble, because the frame is only broken up into two pieces. Putting the physical parts together should only take 15 to 30 minutes.

Subsequent calibration might take another 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your experience and how well the printer came adjusted from the factory. This means you can get the printer up and running in less than an hour, which is considerably less than other printers in this price range, which require significantly more assembly. This makes it a good printer for beginners.

To see the complete assembly process, check out the video below by Just Vlad.

Artillery Genius 3D Printer

Slicer Profiles

A finely tuned slicer profile is crucial to getting high quality prints. These are some good profiles to start with, for several slicer programs:

Do remember that the optimal settings differ depending on your filament, type of print, and potential upgrades on your printer. However, these profiles should be a good starting point for any stock Genius.

Community Support

The Artillery Genius isn't as popular (yet) as other printers like the Ender 3. This means there is less information to be found online. The easiest way to find answers to any problems with the Genius is to join two Facebook groups.

  • There is the Artillery Sidewinder X1 and Genius Group, which is run by Artillery itself, so you might even be able to get some official responses from them.

  • The other group is the Artillery Genius Owner's Group, which is specifically about the Genius model, and not run by Artillery. This means there is a bit more freedom to post critical questions.

Both groups are highly active and very helpful, even if you post a beginner's question people will answer you. Alternatively, there is also a new Artillery Genius Subreddit and a very active Discord Server.

Where and how to buy

I bought my Artillery Genius from Banggood, because it had the lowest price and fastest shipping time to the Netherlands. Because they shipped it from their UK warehouse, I didn't have to pay any import taxes either.

Alternatively, AliExpress also sells the Genius at a good price, but it isn't always available in EU or US warehouses, and shipping times from China are longer (especially at the moment with Covid-19).

Another popular option is Gearbest, which also has US & EU warehouses and generally has reasonable shipping times.

If you'd like even faster shipping and more easy returns, you can buy it on Amazon, although it is usually more expensive. But if you get any issues you'll have an easier time getting your money back.

Artillery's support is pretty good (although I've not used it myself yet), so you'll probably be able to sort things out regardless of where you buy your Genius.

The future of the Artillery Genius

The 3D Printing world is a rapidly changing one. Manufacturers are continually improving their products and releasing new and updated versions almost every year. Just as the Genius was a slightly improved, but smaller version of the Sidewinder X1, Artillery will release newer models that will be better than the Genius.

Our advice is to keep a tab on the 'Last Updated' tracker at the top of the page, to see if a machine has recently been updated, or if it's starting to get outdated.