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Prusa Mini – a detailed overview

High quality and affordable entry-level printer, with a completely different design than the Prusa MK3

By Robbert on 21 June 2020

Prusa Mini


  • Bowden Drive
  • Automatic Bed Levelling
  • Removable Magnetic Bed
  • Color Screen
  • 18 x 18 x 18 cm Build Volume
  • 32bit Board

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Last updated

The Prusa Mini last received a hardware update on 2020/03/01

About the Prusa Mini

The Mini is Prusa's newest printer. With it, Prusa takes on the competition with affordable Chinese-made printers.


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The Prusa Mini comes with a detailed manual that describes the assembly process. Josef Prusa also made a video of the entire assembly:

Slicer Profiles

One great thing about Prusa printers is that they come with pre-optimized software in the form of Prusa Slicer.

This modified version of Slic3r already comes with a slicer profile for the Mini, as well as settings for different types of filament (Prusament).

Do remember that the optimal settings differ depending on your filament, type of print, and potential upgrades on your printer. So if you use non-Prusa filament, you may have to tweak your settings a bit.

Community Support

Official Prusa Mini Forums (English)

Prusa3D Subreddit

Where and how to buy

Prusa only sells their machines directly from their own store. This way they have control over the entire process and can guarantee the high quality levels Prusa is known for.

They ship from the Czech Republic (EU), so if you are outside the European Union you might be subject to extra custom duties.

The Prusa Mini is currently on backorder, with new printers being shipped out late September 2020.

You can find the most up to date info about shipping dates in this table.

The future of the Prusa Mini

Prusa is known for its high level of quality control and consistency of their products. This is how they differentiate themselves from cheaper Chinese models, which can often be a bit hit and miss.

They also have a small lineup, with just 3 printers. This means they focus on continually improving their printers. While the first batch of Prusa Minis has had some issues, it is reasonable to expect Prusa to solve these problems and provide sufficient solutions for current owners.